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In 1948 the Jewish people embarked on what was perhaps the greatest project in the last 2000 years: The creation of the state of Israel. 76 years later, there are 1.3 M Charedim in Israel, 46 % of world Jewry live in Israel and the project.

At CIC, we believe in the power of TRANSPARENCY, COLLABORATIVE GIVING, and STRATEGIC PHILANTHROPY. Our approach is rooted with deep thought, shared knowledge and the power of all to create a brighter future.


About Us

CIC Board Members-have a deep understanding of the Charedi community, are beyond reproach and do not work for a non for profit or have any agenda.

Michael Bloch

A former senior partner at McKinsey & Company where he spent 23 years. Founded Israel Impact Partners and works with some of the biggest names in the NGO and philanthropy world. Linkedin

Shoshi Brandwein

The Chief Accountant at Keren Hayesod for 13 years
and currently with the JDC the Joint ””), the largest
Jewish humanitarian organization in the world. Linkedin

R’ Yaakov Haber

Was the National Director of the OU in America and a community Rabbi for half a century. Now lives
in Israel, leads a vibrant community, founder of Mosaica Press publishing house. R ’ Haber is
a sought after thinker and writer.Ruchie is the first Chassidic female judge. Linkedin

R Aaron Lopiansky

A Rosh Yeshiva of Greater Washington. Prolific writer and thinker. Son in law of the late R ’ Beinish Finkel who build the Mir Yeshiva. One of the biggest and most trusted names today in the Charedi world.

Shaul Miller

Is the Principal of one of the fastest growing boys’ schools in Israel. A great grandson of the Charedi leader R ’ Elyashiv and son of the Rosh Yeshiva
of Ponevtz.

Rivka Ravitz

A Charedi mother of 12 who was Chief of staff for
Reuven Rivlin when he was the President of Israel.
President Biden kneeled before Rivka Ravitz in a well
documented event. Linkedin

Rachel Frier

A 58 year old New York Supreme Court judge.
Ruchie is the first Chassidic female judge.

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